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An Indian cyber-security expert got Rs 65 crore for misleading Google. Google’s mobile operating system, Android’s security system, got this award by catching several mistakes. A recent Google blog post confirmed this.

In this blog post, Google says that a cyber security expert named Aman Pandey has become the topmost researcher by submitting multiple error reports to Google. In 2021 alone, he caught 232 mistakes of Google.

Aman graduated from NIT Bhopal. In 2021, he founded an organization called Bagsamir. However, Google started catching the mistake in 2019.

Sarah Jacobs, a member of Google’s Vulnerabilities team, said Aman submitted the first report in 2019. So far, Pandey has submitted a total of 280 reports to Google’s Android Vulnerabilities Rewards program, which has helped make the program a success.

However, such vulnerabilities are not limited to Google’s mobile operating system, Android. The same goes for Google Chrome, Search, Play and other products. Google is offering a reward of up to 6.6 million for information leading to the capture of the most important mistake. Aman Pandey from Madhya Pradesh also won the prize of US ৮ 7.8 million or about Rs 850 million in Indian currency.

Mistakes or accusations prove that time is not bad. Such vulnerabilities programs. Google’s VRP or Vulnerabilities Rewards program has been around for a long time. This type of program is called Bugs Bounty in the language of technology. Not just Google. Companies like Apple or Microsoft also run such programs.


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