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Marcelo Vieira da Silva Júnior or most popularly known as Marcelo will say goodbye to Real Madrid tomorrow. It will be a hard pill to swallow for the Madridistas as they prepare to say bid goodbye to the most decorated player in the history of the club. Marcelo is often regarded in the same stage as the other great left-back players of the beautiful game.

Marcelo is the current captain of Real Madrid. He won the most amount of titles as a player. He is one of the rare footballers who has won five champions leagues with the club. The UEFA champions league is the biggest stage of the Footballing competition. Champion clubs from all over Europe compete for the Grand Trophy. No other club has won as much Champions League as Real Madrid. In the last decade, the club has accumulated 5 champions leagues alone. Marcelo was an important figure in all five of those campaigns.

Marcelo’s Legacy as he prepares to bid goodbye

His legacy is one of the greatest at the club. He loved the club as his own and gave his best to the service of it. His passion and determination can be observed in the amount of effort he puts into his game. He was the true successor to another footballing legend Roberto Carlos. When Carlos left Real, there was a high gap to fill in the Left Back Position. Marcelo took the responsibility and filled in the shoe of the former Real legend.

His contribution and link-up with the great Cristiano Ronaldo are unparalleled. This dynamic duo has brought 4 champions league titles together. Marcelo has been often regarded as a versatile attacking option when the ball is in play through the wings. Modern football is constantly evolving. The tactics and the player’s position are constantly upgrading in the modern game. Positional play is a big factor that is undertaken when the modern game is set up.

Again, Brazilians who enter the realm of football often tend to be very good at it. Most Brazilians who make it to Europe, are scouted by top clubs as per their talent and hype. Marcelo was no exception. He was scouted by Real Madrid was the selectors understood his potential and recruited him for the club. His amazing skills to dummy the player and progress the ball forward are unbelievable. Again, his crosses are often unpredictable and accurate. He can cross the ball with curvature and speed which can be easily anticipated by players. The Santiago Bernabéu will surely look forward to when Marcelo will say goodbye to Real Madrid tomorrow.

How it all started

From early childhood, the player showed great talent and promise for the game. He kicked started his professional career in 2005. There he played in the Brazilian domestic league. There his stellar performance caught the eye of recruiters who initiated the purchase of the player.

Real paid an $8 million transfer fee for the player. At that time some people were skeptical about the purchase of a random Brazilian at such a big amount. But the recruiters and the Real Madrid coaching staffs know that they were getting the best deal out of the bargain.

It was known to few that he established himself as a key player in the domestic team of the season. As a Fluminense player, he was in one word spectacular. After joining Real Madrid, he contributed to the team’s winning 6 domestic league titles or La Liga. La Decima or the tenth UCL trophy brought a revolutionary change to the Real squad.

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Marcelo: A Real Madrid Squad Leader

The tenth trophy in the most prestigious stage of the game also motivated the team to go all out for 4 champions league in five years. He was the key contributor and a central figure in the dressing room which had a mindset of a winner. This year on May 28, Marcelo was the captain on the pitch and the general on the sidelines for Real Madrid. He led his team to the 14th Champions League Title and the 35th La Liga title.

This is a stellar record that is held only by Real Madrid and Marcelo is now a part of Real Madrid history. The dressing room contained a combination of experienced and young players. The youth needed guidance while the experienced needed motivation and Marcelo led the team as the caption. He took the captaincy from Sergio Ramos.

When he signed for Real Madrid initially, the player did not have that much hype surrounding him. But then club President Ramon Calderon said, “He is an important signing for us. He is a young player who will inject some freshness into the side and is part of our plan to bring younger players into the squad. “We’re very happy because he’s a pearl that half of Europe wanted.” He indeed became the true anchor in the Left back position and embodied the role in the best possible way after Roberto Carlos.

He is often remarked as a player who provides magic in the direst situations. For example in the Champions League during the La Decima tenure, he scored a goal in the final and provided assists for his teammates. Again, he provided the assist for Bale’s spectacular goal in the 2018/ Champions League final. He is such a leader and a good reader of the game that, in the semi-final stages even Carlo Ancelotti took suggestions from him to make the substitution. And it worked! The entire squad will surely look forward to when Marcelo will say goodbye to Real Madrid tomorrow.

Tributes pour in as Marcelo Leaves Santiago Bernabeu Tomorrow

Real Madrid won the semifinal. Fans are Paying their tribute to the Legend through social media platforms. Zinedine Zidane the hat-trick Champions League winner with Real Madrid was posted quoted saying big praises of the player. Even the current coach Carlo Ancelotti has expressed his admiration for the player. He said in an interview that Marcelo is a club legend and an Icon.

He has been in the heart of every Real Madrid accomplishment that has taken in the last decade. His vision, understanding, and attitude toward the game is the attitude of a leader on the pitch. It is unparallel and unmatched. Even the Brazilian International team has poured their respect towards the Brazilian Left-back as Marcelo will say goodbye to Real Madrid tomorrow.

Player Profile

Marcelo has made a career total of 416 appearances on the football field. For real Madrid, he made 386 appearances and scored 26 goals. He was a career total of 32 goals at the continental level he has 102 appearances. And in total, he made 546 professional appearances for Real MadridReal Madrid. He made 72 assists as a player on the field and on he also gave 38 assists after coming off the bench. His injury profile also looks good as the player has suffered very less injuries.

All eyes will be on him this year. As the world cup comes close and Marcelo will say goodbye to Real Madrid Tomorrow, let’s wait and see where the maestro graces the field next.


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