Neymar calls Vinicius Jr the world best player

Neymar calls Vinicius Jr. the world best player as the young Brazilian ran riot on the field with his skills and stellar performance with Real Madrid this season. Vini Jr. has impressed the footballing world after winning the UEFA Champions League title this season. Vinícius José Paixão de Oliveira Júnior, commonly known as Vinícius Júnior or Vini Jr., has taken the world by storm this year with his breakthrough performance.

He was the key figure in the squad where he went on to score the final goal for Real in the Final. That single goal won them the Champions League and Real went on to celebrate their 14th title in the history of the competition. This record of success has been held by Real Madrid ever since the inception of the competition and Real’s golden generation is the latest team to win it again. The world now takes notice of the club’s perfect blend of young and experienced personnel and no wonder why superstar Neymar calls Vinicius Jr. the world’s best player is rightly justified.

The improvement of Vinicius Jr.’s performance

Vinicius has stepped up his game this year. The player has finally found his rhythm this season. He has been involved in a lot of goals as both a scorer and an assistant. His determination toward the game has increased. Not only that this season he is often seen to make runs behind players and dribble past them more successfully than ever recorded before. He was matured as a player and that maturity is shown when he meticulously collects and distributes the ball to this player. His off-the-ball movement under coach Carlo Ancelotti has drastically improved and as of now, he is credited to be involved in the most important moments that’s brought victory for Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Breakout season at La Liga

La Liga was won by Real Madrid by a staggering 13-point lead over second-place Barcelona. No wonder currently Neymar calls Vinicius Jr. the world’s best player. He has earned every praise as a youngster as a pivotal position in securing Real Madrid’s 35th La Liga title. His remarkable assists were a perfect blend of ball progression and dribble followed by pinpoint accuracy in delivering the cross or low ball.

The one thing he improved the most was his off-the-ball movement during the game. He ran in behind the defenders escaping the offside trap and creating room for another player to score. His dribbling has also improved a lot where he dribbled past players the most in this season of La Liga. He is very much unpredictable with the ball. Vinicius Jr. has a specific set of skills which include body feint and stepovers. Body feints are the signature move of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is often seen using stepovers. Not only that, he is often seen performing the Cruyff turn and the dummy in between the legs.

Why this season is best for Vinicius Jr

Ramontada or comebacks were a great fighting mentality demonstrator for Real Madrid this year. The entire team fought well. In the left flank where most of the Real’s attack was generated, Vinicius Jr. was the target man to create danger for the opponent team. He has speed, agility, and stamina this season. And he combined these abilities with vision, precision, and determination. His presence would always bolster Real Madrid’s performance against all teams. La Liga is tough to survive in after the premier league as even small teams tend to create upsets. Although Real Madrid started the season shakey it was the stepping up of big players and youngsters like Vini Jr. that helped the team secure the top spot.

Best Performance in The UCL

The Champions League this season has proved to be the greatest turning point in the career of Vini Jr. and along with it the entire squad of Real Madrid. The partnership of Vini Jr with Karim Benzema has proved to be an important factor in the success. They combined for the staggering 63.8% goals in Real Madrid! An absolute mad stat considering their dry spell just the previous season. Real faced tough opponents in the knockout date of the Champions League this season.

Vinicius Jr’s Best Performances in the Knockout games

At first, when they faced PSG, they were a two-goal disadvantage in the second half of the second leg. They came back with a hat-trick from Benzema and Vinicius Jr was involved in all three goals while directly assisting in two of them. Against Chelsea, the first leg was all about the Benzema Show.

The Frenchman stole the show at Stamford Bridge but his goals were all assisted or contributed in the buildup by Vinicius Jr. Again his goals against Man City in the semi-final were another spectacle. The way he made a dummy and manipulated the movement of Fernandinho to give him space to run with the ball and score a solo goal was a goal made in the heavens. And who could ever forget his goal reminiscing the Ronaldo goal in the same manner against Shakhtar?

It was destined that he would win the final with Real Madrid by scoring the winning goal against Liverpool. In most of the games were real has secured a win against the big team, Vinicius Jr. has made a strategic and tactical run in behind the defenders to make room for Karim Benzema to score.

A team player

Again his ability to build up play with players like Luka Modric and Toni Kroos is a sign of player maturity. For this reason, he has been voted the best young player of the season. No wonder why Neymar calls Vinicus Jr. the best player in the world currently. Although King Karim is the best contender to win the Balon D’or we should also consider the rise of the young Brazilian as a revelation this season.

His ability to change the ball progression from one flank to another is remarkable. He has truly embodied the real Madrid style of play in his game this season. Neymar Jr. has played with Vini Jr. on the national team. He has an understanding with the youngster on the pitch and has seen him closely playing on the field. He amazed all the players playing alongside him and Neymar calls Vinicus Jr. the world’s best player right now.

Why Neymar Considers Vini Jr. The Best This Season

He has been valued at more than 100 million on the transfer market making him one of the most expensive players in the transfer market right now. Again he has 17 goals in la Liga where most of them came this season. His assist rate is very notable with 13 assists. He made a total of 22 assists and 20 goals where 4 of which came in the champions league. He made 52 appearances where he was the key figure in most of the games. Again, he has one crucial goal in Supercopa. He scored more than once against the arch-rivals Barcelona and his stats seem to be always improving.
With stats like these no wonder Neymar calls Vinicius Jr. the world’s best player.


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